Tips For Depression That Are Commonly Taught By Self Help Speakers

Posted on: 21 March 2016

Anyone can become depressed at any time in their life. This can come on gradually or may happen suddenly if an unexpected change or loss occurs. There are many different types of treatment for depression that often include seeing a psychiatrist or taking medication. However, some people have been able to better manage their depression by using self help techniques. These are some tips that self help speakers commonly offer to help those who suffer from depression.

Maintain Only Healthy Relationships 

For some people, feelings of depression are often triggered by the negative people they spend time with. If you are in an unhealthy relationship where another person is constantly putting you down, this can have a horrible effect on your mood and self esteem. If you find you are more depressed when you are around certain people, this is a sign that you may need to decrease the time you spend with them substantially.

However, if you have friends or family members that make you feel loved and appreciated, spending more time with them can greatly improve your mood. Talk to those you are close to regularly and this may help a great deal with your depression. There are also many support groups for those with depression that can also help you feel better about yourself.

Get Out And Get Moving 

Physical activity increases energy, mood enhancing neurotransmitters and endorphins in the brain. This helps reduce stress and relieve muscle tension that often trigger feelings of depression. Taking a walk, riding a bike or working out at the gym to your favorite music are excellent ways to better manage your depression.

Take Up A New Hobby 

Another way to counteract the feelings of depression is by taking up a hobby doing something you have always enjoyed. For instance, if you have always loved animals, you might want to volunteer at your local animal shelter. If you love flowers, you might enjoy starting your own flower garden to keep your mind occupied on positive things you enjoy.

Eat A Healthier Diet 

There are many super foods that are rich with vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids that can boost your mood. Foods that are rich in magnesium, vitamin B and folic acid are great for helping ward off feelings of depression. In fact, very high deficiencies in vitamin B can actually bring on depression. 

Never skip meals and be sure to avoid sugary sweets, high fat content foods and drinks that contain caffeine. Instead, make sure your diet includes baked potatoes, oatmeal, leafy greens, chicken, beans, citrus fruits, bananas and eggs. Check labels on foods to ensure you are eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates as these boost serotonin levels and improve your mood.

If you do not get enough sleep, this can also contribute to the severity of your depression. Getting into a regular, healthy sleep routine of 7 1/2 to 9 hours a night can also decrease depression symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and stress. 

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